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School Science Learning Facility Funded and Built by Rotary Clubs

Sarum Rotary Club has recently been working alongside the Rotary Clubs of Salisbury and Wilton to provide outdoor learning facilities at Woodland Primary School in Salisbury.

This project has involved the construction of a gazebo and a wildlife garden for use by the West Salisbury Science Cluster.

The school now boasts a wild flower area, butterfly feeders, a mini beast hotel, raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables (with a solar powered water irrigation system using collected rainwater), bird boxes and feeders, hedgehog boxes, live webcams and trap camera for monitoring wildlife and a wooden gazebo with seating for use as a study base.

The resource will allow the cluster schools to include Forest Studies in their curriculum. This is a long-term approach to education, for children, that maximizes the benefits of learning in the outdoors. It involves a holistic understanding of how children learn and supports them to build confidence, resilience, independence and creativity.

The project was funded by the Rotary Clubs, Rotary Foundation and a Rotary District donation, enabling work to commence in October 2019. The gazebo element was due to be installed over Easter 2020 but was delayed until July due to the COVID-19 situation.

With the return to school this month, this will not only provide the school with a new facility, but also a much needed additional classroom to ease the pressure on existing indoor classrooms in the current situation.

This is a perfect example of the local Rotary Clubs coming together and undertaking a practical community project which not only benefits young people but is great fun to do.