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Marshalls Needed for Clarendon Marathon

Sarum Rotary Club needs volunteers to help with marshalling at this year’s Clarendon Marathon.

The Clarendon Marathon goes from Salisbury to Winchester, along the ancient Clarendon Way, and is run 90% off road and is picturesque but challenging for the runners. It follows country tracks and paths – many of which have not changed since being travelled by the ancient Kings and Queens of England.

The marathon event was first run in 1998. It was founded and organised by Paul Elderkin, a keen runner and member of a local Hash House Harriers Club. In 2012, Paul passed the management of the race over to the Rotary Clubs in the cities of Salisbury and Winchester, including Sarum Rotary Club.

This year’s Clarendon Marathon takes place on Sunday 4th October 2020. It is a charity event with the objective of raising as much money as possible for a wide range of charities and non-profit making organisations.

This year, raising money for these organisations is even more important as so many charities have been severely affected by the impacts of the Coronavirus which has prevented them from carrying out their usual fundraising events.

Sarum Rotary Club has the responsibility, amongst other things, of providing marshalls along the first half of the route.

Whilst most of the volunteers doing this are members of Sarum Rotary Club, we also encourage people outside of Rotary to get involved and help with this great event.

All that is required is a little of your time in the morning on Sunday 4th October. All instructions and guidance that you will need will be given and you will be allocated a location on the route where you will ensure that runners take the correct route and are safe and well.

If you would like to volunteer as a marshall and help raise valuable funds for charities, please contact Sarum Rotary Club’s President, Colin Whitton, by email at

For more information about the Clarendon Marathon, please visit