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Our Corporate Supporters

Sarum Rotary Club is proud to be supported by December’s Corporate Member of the Month, Salisbury Wills and Trusts.

Salisbury Wills and Trusts is owned and managed by Lee Perkes.

Lee, who is a Chartered Financial Planner and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), has been advising clients on financial planning for over 30 years.

His technical background allows him to apply the complexities of financial and estate planning to help clients reduce tax and arrange their financial situation so they are:

  • Protected against Inheritance Tax
  • Protected against future Inheritance Tax on assets that have already suffered Inheritance Tax.
  • Protected against Long Term Care fees.
  • Ensured children from previous relationships get their fair share of the estate.
  • Protecting against ‘marriage after death’ issues.
  • Keeping the estate within the family in the event of children divorcing.
  • Protecting against bankruptcy and spendthrift Beneficiaries.
  • Taking advantage of the Business Property Relief rules to reduce Inheritance Tax where a business or other qualifying asset is owned.

If you would like a an exploratory conversation with regard to any of the above then please contact Lee on 07775 787 091.

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What is Sarum Rotary Club?

We are a new and innovative Rotary Club which aims to break the traditional Rotary mould, covering the city of Salisbury and surrounding local areas, with a primary aim of supporting the youth in our community.

We meet monthly as a group with the majority of the work done outside of that, within project/event groups which meet on an ‘as and when’ basis.

We also get together every couple of months for a proper social (with friends and partners welcome).

We have 3 Key Objectives:

Number 1:

To encourage community-minded individuals and businesses to work together, to pool their skills and knowledge and to get involved and help make a real difference to our community

Number 2:

To forge strong, long-lasting relationships with local businesses and schools, facilitating them working together on a variety of initiatives which will help develop our local ‘youth‘.

Number 3:

To raise and donate significant charitable funds, working closely with both charities and other charitable organisations to help achieve a more meaningful, longer lasting result.

Join or Volunteer

Both individuals and businesses can get involved by joining as either a full or an associate member.

Schools can also get involved through our FREE Community Membership.

However, if you don’t wish to join formally but would like to help out on a ‘ad-hoc’ basis, please feel free to volunteer.

The links below will give you more information on each type of membership.

Donate to Sarum Rotary Club

Sarum Rotary Club is a Registered Charity. Charity No 1188668.

If you would like to donate to one of our projects or just support our club, please follow the link below. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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